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Post by TheLapisLegend007 on Tue Nov 03, 2015 2:12 am

Digimon RP OC sheet
Name: Lapis

Side: Neutral

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: Long blonde hair that lays down (sometimes in a ponytail). brown eyes, 5' 1'', "In shape" (Not to large but not too skinny either), scar running down his left hand

Clothing: White undershirt with a blue hoody a size or two too big for him. Plain blue jeans. White sneakers. Glasses

Most Valuable item: His glasses. Not only are they the thing that allow him to see, they function as his digivice

Personality: Quiet, shy, clumsy (especially around girls ;3) Doesn't talk much but when he does it's either a smart ass remark or something very intelligent.

Special skills: Very intelligent with a genius IQ of 152. Can analyze and asses any situation under pressure. Can bond especially well with wild digimon despite being very shy.

Partner Digimon: Demidevimon

Fresh: Zurumon

In-Training: Pagumon

Rookie: demidevimon

Champion: Soulmon

Ultimate: Phantomon

Mega: MetalPhantomon

Alternate Mega:

DNA Digivolution: n/a

Partner's personality: Basically the opposite of Lapis, Loud, outgoing, but still very clumsy. LOVES to eat.
Digivice: Lapis' glasses. By pushing a small amber button on the side, a display monitor appears in the lens, allowing Lapis to view his partners stats and such
Deck: n/a (until someone tells me what this means)

Other Digimon:
Mega: SaintGalgomon/Cherubimon(Virtue)//
Ultimate: Andiramon//
Champion: Wendimon//
Rookie: Lopmon//


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