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Guide to The City Empty Guide to The City

Post by CrossingWorlds on Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:15 am

The City is the central hub of the Digital World.
In it, you can find various facilities to provide for your needs between sessions.

The Plaza:
The general use part of The City, talk about just about anything here.

The Guildhall:
The place to go for side quests, posted by NPCs or Users. If a user posts a quest, they must have the materials to fulfill the "reward."   Users can also create guilds

The Shopping District:
If you have money to spend and need items that you can't get elsewhere, this place is for you. Users can also make their own shops with their own prices, but be reasonable. Users must actually own the items they wish to sell and edit their post when they are sold out of an item. Anything can be sold here, within reason. Digieggs and Digimon cannot be sold however (And why would you even want to?)

The Arena:
This is a must see if you have the urge to battle. Challenges may be posted in the Guildhall, and must include the specifications of the challenge, such as battle format, if there is an ante, etc.

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