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Post by CrossingWorlds on Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:43 am

Ranks and Digivolution:

Digivolution will be semi-permanent. you can de-digivolve at any time, but digimon won't de-digivolve on their own. Digivolution is also based on rank, and you will be incapable of digivolving past what your rank allows. Ranks can be gained through a currently indeterminate method. The ranks are as listed below.

Normal Rank- the basic rank that everyone starts as, Champion is the maximum evolution they can achieve.
-To Next Rank: Befriend 2 Digimon, to give yourself a team of 3-

Bronze Rank- the Tamer has proved their competence at raising Digimon and has slightly increased privileges,  however Champion is still their limit.
-To Next Rank: Complete 15 missions satisfactorily, to gain skill and make your existence known-

Silver Rank- the Tamer has been deemed skilled enough to handle the next step, and can now digivolve to Ultimate.
-To Next Rank: Win 15 matches total in the Arena to prove your skill and attain a small amount of fame-

Gold Rank- with a few more increased privileges, the Tamer is well on their way to being allowed Megas. At the moment though, Ultimate is still all they can handle.
-To Next Rank: Attain a 70% or greater win ratio in the Ultimate tier arena-

Platinum Rank- the power possessed by Mega Digimon is now at the Tamer's disposal, and the Tamer is known of by most.
-To Next Rank: Beat an Arena Minister. Obtaining this rank opens access to becoming an Arena Minister-

Chrome Rank- the Tamer is now among the best of the best, but there lies something beyond simply Mega Digimon, if only the Tamer can find it.....
-To Next Rank: Special Quest that an Admin will task a Head Loremaster to create once a month (in real time) for all members that the Admins have deemed "worthy". This quest will reward the participants with the ability to surpass Mega, through Burst Mode or other means

Legendary Rank- having surpassed most Tamers, Burst Mode is now part of the Tamer's arsenal. with this power, few rise up to challenge the Tamer's experience. This is the final rank, although not the only way to obtain massive power.

Digivice Modification:

Not all digivices are the same, and some hold the potential for more power than others. however, all digivices can have new features installed, and some of these installations can also remove limits, such as the ones you obtain at certain ranks

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