MaliikDragon14's Character Sheet (To be Edited Later)

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MaliikDragon14's Character Sheet (To be Edited Later)

Post by MaliikDragon14 on Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:13 pm

Name: Dewayne Marcus

Side: Neutral/Good

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: 5'8 18 year old with abit of a big weight, black skinned, Coal black/Red eyes, Bed-hair type locks

Clothing: A Red chainmail patterned jacket made from DigiChrome, black and white fire patterned shirt and deep gray pants, with black and grey shoes

Most Valuble item: A necklace with a cross and red gem ring holding the 'Dragon's Roar' symbol he always wears around his neck, grants him better control of his Digi-Soul

Personality: When relaxing or not very serious, he is pretty laid-back and good to vet to from problems. However in battle or in a stressful moment he takes no nonsense and gets very annoyed at others except his own digimon's opinions.

Special skills: Creative thinker and Planner, has abit of strength behind him that can handle up to a Rookie digimon, he also can control his Digi-Soul, to the point of crystallizing it into a weapon, preferably duel swords

Partner Digimon: Guilmon

Fresh: Jyarimon

In-Training: Gigimon

Rookie: Guilmon

Champion: Growlmon/BlackGrowlmon

Ultimate: WarGrowlmon/BlackWarGrowlmon

Mega: Megidramon

Alternate Megas: Megidramon X

Partner's personality: Playful when not battling, and always looking for things to do if not stuffing his face with food; In Battle, he listens to Dewayne down to the letter and enjoys it when a plan allows him to cut loose into a Aggressive fighter.

Digivice (can be of your own creation or any seasons digivice) : D - Bracelet, can call out a digicode made scouter that appears on Dewayne's right eye and ear, can call, text, all that stuff.

Deck: TBD

Teammates: TBD - N/A

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